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Ecological and Sustainable products are not always easy to find. Here each banner represents an individual store and source. We have found great Eco affiliate resources that you can shop at online. Please click on each individual banner to enter each store. Please enjoy, visit and feel welcome to shop through our site often.

Gaiam.com, Inc

Rainbow Institute vendor Gaiam:Shop Gaiam’s New Spring Products – Live a Greener, Healthier, more Beautiful Life!

Rainbow Institute Vendor: Herbtrader

Rainbow Institute Vendor: Quantum Age Water Stirwands - Making the water you drink count!

Rainbow Institute Vendor: Tees For Change - Sustainable tees on a mission

Subliminal MP3 Library - Subliminal Messages Subliminal CDs

Rainbow Institute Vendor: Real Subliminal

the most eco-friendly yoga products on the planet!

Rainbow Institute Vendor: Kulae is a unique eco yoga company on a thoughtful mission to properly support your practice while preserving our precious environment.

Rainbow Institute Vendor: Seaside Naturals All Natural Cleaning and Personal Care Products

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