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You will not be graded. There are no right or wrong answers. We have put this quiz together with the intention that it is for your self discovery to help you open up to the awareness that you already have and to that which you will eventfully cultivate on your life's path. We give multiple choices for you to play with but do not limit your personal answer to them, explore, have fun and get to know you! Enjoy our quiz, if you would like to discuss this quiz let us know in the contact section at the bottom of the quiz

Remember to play, be amused and see what you discover about BEing YOU!

Enjoy Rainbow Institutes offerings!

Your greatest purpose in life...is to BE and know you, completely, passionately, joyfully!

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City, State, Location:
I recognize my birthday as:
The town I live in is filled with:
When you meet someone new:
When you are in a crowded enviroment:
When you are in an erie or strange place:
When I read a book or watch a movie:
When faced with a phenomenon that goes beyond logic:
When someone claims a miraculous event:
When I feel a strong urge, impulse or prompt
I often feel connected to the people around me in such a way:
When giving my time or energy to another person:
When in nature on an outing:
I feel the world I live in is:
To me the term psychic means:
When in an environment such as a notable "Haunted house"
I have experienced reoccurring phenomenons that I can not explain
I have found my self doing this when I am approaching a problem
When approached with two or more choices:
My definition of Psychic is:
Regarding the concept "spiritual awakening":
I define "Karma" as:
Conscious Living means to me:
The concept "Heaven on Earth" means:
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Validate your entry
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