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Chakra Healing

220px-7-main-Chakras-illustrated-by-Gil-DekelOur Chakras hold information, vibration, color, frequency, and ones life experience, they also hold a unique geometry specifically unique to your being, on a body, mind, spirit and soul essence level. Within ones chakras is the key to ones capability and ability to open doors to a reality that is rich and restorative, healthy, and balanced.  No two persons in our world are identical, or use their dynamic energy in the same way, thus our individual chakras energy defines our uniqueness as our own energetic blueprint is stored within it.

Sometimes when we are stuck, confused, or have a limited vision of who we are in the world our chakra systems get bogged down with storage and inhibits the flow of our own essential energy on an etheric level. This creates confusion, pain, irritability, stress, stuckness and could even event in dysfunction in handling every day events. The mind, body, spirit synergy gets taxed and it becomes difficult to process and problem solve leaving an overwhelm of emotion and the experience of stress. Having a Chakra healing or  Chakra reading can assist the spirit from within to restore valuable flow in any or all aspects of life, this has a multitude of merits on many levels and is a great holistic support tool for all aspects of self.

4227Having a chakra reading or healing is giving yourself a gift to opening up your unique dynamic and restorative flow of clarity, allowing your vibration, essence, and vital energy movement in all aspects of your life. When one works with their  system and essential energy life begins to re-arrange and the quality of living becomes enhanced on multiple levels. Receiving an Essential Energy Healing on a 7 chakra level helps you to re-balancing your life.

Write in to RI and ask for a list of our practitioner chakra reading and healing packages, practitioner offerings for chakra healing and chakra energy re-vitalizing programs, and a list of the practitioners who offers a modalitiy that is specialized in addressing an aspect of Chakra Healing.  Tell us what you are seeking, you may even ask for a multitude of practitioner services to be combined or designed for you to have a conclusive well rounded mind, body, spirit healing package.  Ask about our classes that support Chakra wellness. We at RI also teach self empowering techniques in the Soul Purpose Development Curriculum as well as other center courses.

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