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Intuition and Well Being

In the dictionary the term quality of life is used to define and evaluate well-being. Quality of life on a global scale defines general well being of individuals and societies.

Rainbow Institute has a unique philosophy about well being and a very unique approach to teaching.

RI’s believes well being  to be  our natural state, from our perspective we believe that well being comes from our alignment with the truth of our being and is a vibration everyone can experience. Spiritual growth becomes enjoyably enhanced when you learn how to live centered your truth. Actualizing your soul purpose is a spiritual practice that RI specifically teaches about.  In all of our classes you work with the practice  that you are your own greatest answer as we teach you tools to connect to your higher self, work with energy, spiritual anatomy and awareness, and utilize soul tools  for holistic and natural living.

Well being is a soul quality, and we believe it goes hand in hand with intuition as our soul is fully conscious and omnipresent. Learning how to connect, align, and work with the tools of soul is what Rainbow Institute teaches about as a natural and holistic way to live consciously and connected to source energy. Our souls are of the light, we teach you how to enliven your own natural blueprint of sacred geometry in a way that has you empowering and increasing the light in your body as a joyful and playful discovery of awakening your authentic self.  Magic and Miracles await you in our playful landscape of classes that you will use over and over again as you become your own master of your light, life and quality of life.

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