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The Spiritual Journey

Each and everyone of us is on a spiritual journey, taking steps on a path of evolutionary growth. We are growing in ways that have not been espoused before on Earth, we are growing collectively in Soul Proportions.

Keys to having more is the journey of empowering your spirit with awareness- spiritual awareness towards expansion, positive postulations dreams and higher visions. Making the consciousness choice to have soul come first is making the journey back to the understanding of the soul, and empowering a toolset that changes everything in life with a skillset that awakens self mastery.

The journey is a mindful path. Learning how you are using your energy, refining, and enhancing how you do what you do, think what you think…. consciously choosing how to be you every step of the way.

It is the pathway of blessing yourself by expanding your conscious awareness and gifting yourself the ability to be new when you learn new validating things about life and you. It is about spirit and spiritual growth through awareness that allows you to  cultivate new seeds and flourish them into fine plantings.

In the journey of the soul there is oneness. We are separate as individuals yet not alone. There is no separation between ourselves and the All that Is, as this is where our soul resides. It is within the pathway of each and everyone of us to encounter and connect with the source of our being, when we are connected we find essence, oneness and understand the deeper meanings of unity. Connection begins from within and resides there. Holding the vision and celebration of a pathway of such connectivity is a spiritual key to having more

Ones keys to having more is about self development on a soul or spiritual level weather it be to enhance healing or creativity when it is aligned with the soul it bring one to a new level of well being. To support the soul takes skill in understanding, postulation, and alignment.  Rainbow Institute is a teaching, healing, and meditation center for well being, intuition, spiritual awareness, and holistic healing. We assist clients and students to postulate their alignment and cultivate their awareness.

Rainbow Institute teaches tools to embrace holistic and conscious living from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective. One of the greatest aspects of having more in your life is to align your life in such a way that you embrace your spirit, your soul, your essence, your truth. This is what we believe is the backbone of the spiritual journey, your keys to having more.

For more information about course offerings see and enroll in the Soul Purpose Development curriculum or ask to be made aware of the intuitive living courses that are upcoming at R.I. You may also visit RI’s Soul Purpose Development curriculum, intuitive readings, and spiritual healing practitioner pages.

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