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  1. An Opportunity to Give Back

    Rainbow Institute believes in community service and we delightfully contribute to our industry, community and clients. We gift many free services: Our radio show, lectures, articles, directories, and visionary communities such as One Global Spirit. If you like our services, believe in our mission, and have a moment to spare in your travels with gratitude and appreciation we ask that you help place our links and articles out there in the world. You can cut and paste from this page or use the contact form below and we will send you a mock-up of the html code on this page. Thank you, with awesome gratitude and appreciation, very much!

  2. Healers Listing Directory Reciprocity

    Although it is not mandatory we request that you please provide Rainbow Institute with a link back or free listing if you are using the Holistic Healers Open Source Directory or the Vermont Healers Alliance Open Source Directory. You are also welcome to submit your products and articles for review to Rainbow Institute. If they are aligned with our mission statement and understanding we would be happy to publish a page or article noting our findings

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  4. Instructions on how to use this page

    We have included html code and plain text listings below. You can select all and then copy and past from each box below or you can use the bottom form to request we send you a mock-up of all the code listed on this page via email. If your site or a selected site needs a special format please let us know and we will try to create a mock-up for the format you are looking for

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  6. Donation

    In appreciate we accept donations to support our services. Rainbow Institute is a non-denominational free church aligned with teaching each individual they are their own greatest answer. We believe that the soul of each person is of GOD and a beautiful aspect of divine light and expression. We accept tithing and community participation with gratitude as we are all of oneness. If you would like to contribute a donation, gift of gratitude you are welcome to use the PayPal secure button below. With appreciation and gratitude we thank you!

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