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  1. About Rainbow Institute’s directory projects:

    In support of the industry, holistic healing and well being, we invite the practitioner community to partake in our directory projects. They will serve as full business listing directories at Rainbow Institute (under alliances) and when large enough will also stand alone as open source directories for those seeking practitioners, natural modalities and experts in the field. Each Directory is currently a public service to the industry. You can add your listing to one of them for free, if you choose to be included in both we ask for a small donation which is fair to assist helping them to flourish.

  2. Our future plans with the directories:

    Holistic Healers Directory ( and Healing Your Chakras Spiritual Directory ( will serve as healer industry business listings, a spiritual glossary and product resource site. We hope to have terrific information that seekers can draw upon. (Healing your Chakras is running now, take a look) In the future they will include many ways to advertise and some will be for a fee.

  3. About Vermont Healers Alliance:

    Because Rainbow Institute is located in Vermont we felt it is important to support our industry in our home state, therefore we will provide free listings to practitioners in Vermont and have purchased ( to run scripts on Rainbow Institute. Each of the directory sites will have a page for Vermont Businesses. If you have a holistic service or spiritual product and are located in the state of Vermont, you can submit your business listing to be included in all of our projects. You can send us a photo at with your company name and subject marked photo submission.

  4. Reciprocity and Appreciation:

    Rainbow Institute believes in community service and we delightfully contribute to our industry, community and clients. We appreciate reciprocity. In your travels spend a moment to say hello, experience our work at RI as we would love to get to know you! Although not mandatory we ask that you include us, gift us a link or business listing on your website and let us know.

  5. Multiple Listings

    The first listing is free. If you would like to have your listing shown ion multiple categories it would be a suggested $5.oo USD donation per additional listing after the first listing, you can altar the verbiage for each listing to match the additional category title or simply put a note in your description box that you would like to duplicate the listing and include what categories you would like it shown in.

  6. Donation:

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