A Center for Well being, Spiritual Advancement & Conscious Living


Our Purpose at Rainbow Institute is to lead us to understand that we are more than who we think ourselves to be. The way we best serve the whole with our psychic aptitude and metaphysical understanding is to bring that previously unknown part of the spirit and truth of each individual to the forefront of awareness. This enables you to strive, live, and enjoy your light and enhance your daily living through spiritual growth.

Rainbow Institute is committed, through spirit-to-spirit communication, to teaching that “we are our own greatest answer, and our own truest healers.” When each of our collective bodies (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) are united in harmony, acceptance, and clarity, all becomes truly possible. We work with the vision of transcendence and the higher good.

Rainbow Institute holds a greater vision where you can connect with a true part of yourself through your dedication, and our service. As we impart our knowledge we also recognize the freedom of each soul to choose to utilize the information in a way that serves his/her individual journey. We conduct ourselves with the practice of gratitude for each and every encounter as we also affirm individual autonomy.

Rainbow Institute affirms that each individuals life experience and reality conscious or sub conscious is of their own desired selection. We do not take responsibility over another as we believe fully in autonomy, free will, and the evolution of conscious choice through awareness and growth. We believe that each individual is responsible for their own evolutionary plan, healing and cultivation of well being.

Greater Affirmations We pledge…

  • To commit to a format where the general public becomes familiar with the benefits of legitimate psychic aptitude.
  • To utilize the skills and talents of our staff with mindfulness for the betterment of ourselves, our clients, our communities, and our Earth.
  • To create a safe haven where one can explore, nurture, and accept themselves, their gifts, their spirit and truths without prejudice.
  • To create and implement programs where all who participate can grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, towards their greater good.
  • To nurture, compliment, and enhance the Soul’s Journey, by respecting the autonomy and individuality every client, practitioner, colleague, and staff member.
  • To enhance and accept all religious/theological practices with equal appreciation, and to support ones ascendancy into higher consciousness and awareness where a greater communion with the God of One’s Heart and Higher Self can be attained in a non-denominational way.
  • To promote greater awareness of the psychic phenomena as an essential part of spiritual progress. It is a divine right to cultivate awareness of one's metaphysical capability in a rewarding, joyful, and safe manner.
  • To define clairvoyant as “clear-seeing”, the “Eye of Spirit”. To help you understand that it is the birthright of each individual to develop this natural innate “spiritual GPS system” in a fulfilling capacity.

Our Dedication...

Rainbow Institute is a non-denominational free church that believes in a Universal Life Force, a Higher Power. Rainbow Institute believes that the Soul and Spirit of each individual is the direct byproduct of this Divine Source Energy and teaches individuals how to empower their Spirit and their Spiritual Anatomy to live within their human threads consciously so that they can live their life in harmony and balance with all people, places, things, and spirit.

Rainbow Institute with intention believes in divine source energy, a Supreme Being—a Universal Life Force. We ask that this Divine Source guide and hold a space for each individual providing a safe platform for all clients and practitioners to receive alignment, connection, and healing from this Divine Light through our work, readings, and teachings so that every encounter is purposeful, graceful, healing, joyful, and enlightening.

Rainbow Institute is committed to the vibration of Spiritual Kindergarten. Our vision is to maintain an atmosphere of play: space where you can experience your spirit. Play, explore, heal, learn, expand and grow, with the ease, simplicity, and wonder of kindergarten.

Soul Purpose is Part of Divine Plan. “Many desire to know their life's purpose. Few desire to know that purpose within the context of the will of God. And fewer still are able to let go of the human will fully to be absorbed into the heart of God's will through the sacred science and art of surrender. Those who meditate on God's love, wisdom and will within, day and night, create a sacred portal for their life's purpose to be fully outpictured." El Morya Chohan Master of the First Ray of Creation

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