RWC Policy

  • I practice my work and teach with integrity, honesty, respect, and truth to the best of my knowledge and commit to expanding and continuing my education at routine intervals.
  • I treat clients and students with the highest degree of honor.
  • I promote cooperation and respect between all professionals regardless of background, organizational affiliation, or teaching style.
  • I maintain strict confidentiality with regard to all clients and students.
  • I provide a safe and comfortable environment free from any form of abuse during all my services.
  • I do not and will not diagnose any medical or psychological conditions or prescribe medications outside my professional qualifications, however I may offer suggestions, and natural options available such as nutrition, food & herbal or share in holistic healing alternatives that may be brought to your doctor of choice for review and approval.
  • I will never criticize or disapprove of the choice of a client.
  • I refrain from the use of drugs, alcohol, or any other form of intoxicant prior to or during any type of service.
  • I abide by all laws and licensing regarding my profession wherever I provide service.