Individual Practitioners

Rainbow Institutes residential practitioners are independent proprietors of their own wellness practice. Each practitioner rents works space at the RI facility but does not work directly for Rainbow Institute.  RI posts independent residential practitioner offerings here as a courtesy and asks that you take the time to interview each independent practitioner directly to ensure discussion of their individual unique services and offerings are clear to you, desired, and understood. RI does not offer any guarantee of resident practitioner work, teachings, or receive income from such services. If you are interested in a practitioners work, you are required to interview them directly to ensure your own satisfaction. Each practitioner offers direct communication, please consult directly to the person you are most interested in working with. 

Please visit each practitioners work directly

If you would like to send in a testimonial or review please send it directly to  with your name and phone number and let us know how to contact you, Namaste




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