Brittany May Kirvan: Happy Sprouts Wellness, Doula & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Welcome to my world.

I spent years feeling like I didn’t fit in. It was hard. I constantly felt pressure to just “be normal.” I wasn’t allowing myself to be happy. Talk about exhausting! Over time I realized too much effort went into satisfying other people. I always felt best when I followed my heart and allowed myself to fit out. When you allow yourself to fit out you allow your authentic self to shine. It takes a whole lot less effort to be you and it feels a whole lot better.

Life is about balance.

Finding balance does not happen overnight. It is hard work. And it never ends. Yes, it gets easier, but it will always take effort.
When I really started figuring this out my life changed. I found ways to be me. I found a sense of agency I never had before. I wanted to dive deeper.

That is when I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

I had always wished that I went to school for a degree in nutrition (even while I was in school). But I also knew I didn’t want a typical job as a nutritionist or dietician. Through IIN, I found that I can help people discover their own stories and support them in achieving their health and wellness goals in a way that works just for them.

It is not about what “diet” you are on or how many calories you eat. It is about eating real food, enjoying your career, strengthening your relationships and so much more.

So, here I am.

On a new journey to help you discover your goals and support you in finding ways to achieve them that works for YOU – not what worked for your friends, family or coworkers. There is no perfect formula out there. You are your own unique individual, and it is time to recognize and honor it.

Ready to take the next step?

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Brittany May Kirvan