Emotional Freedom: What is EFT?

What is EFT?

In the last decades we’ve been learning a lot about our own human emotions and what a huge role they play in our life. The state of your emotional health influences every area of your life: your body, your health, your performance, your relationships, your parenting, your work, your finances (yes, everything).
In my practice I use a revolutionary technique that is called EFT.
EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, we also can call it meridian tapping or acutapping. EFT took its roots in ancient Chinese acupressure and moved into a field of emotional life.

We gently tap on 9 acupressure points on our upper body and our primitive brain that is responsible for fight or flight response get a chance to relax. It helps us to get to a very resourceful meditative state from where we can connect to our subconscious mind with a greater ease and we can shift, release, heal things on the very root core level. You can download EFT Points Chart here.  



What would it do for your life if you could be FREE FROM:

*Stress, overload and overwhelm that has settled deep in our everyday life;

*Physical and emotional pain that rubs us of the richness of life’s experience;

*Anxiety, low self-esteem, procrastination and self-sabotage that is holing us back from achieving our goals in life;

*Fears and phobias that are holding us still in one place and not letting us to explore this world to the fullest;

*Disruptive addictions and cravings that are making us sick, fat and tired;

*Bad moods or mood swings, or even a state of depression that is creating a fog over our entire existence;

*Limiting beliefs and programming that are keeping us on a treadmill of the same old patterns and distancing our dreams from us more and more every day.

*Traumas and unprocessed emotions that corrupt our bodies and minds and take up most of our life energy, blocking us from who we really meant to be and what we really meant to be doing in this world.