Heal with Marina: One to One Programs

Let me serve you as a guide into the realm of your own healing. And as things shift and heal on the inside, things naturally change and shift on the outside. As you come to a greater alignment with yourself, life opens its true meaning for you and becomes easier and happier. It is incredibly  powerful and rewarding process. The process that have changed my life and the lives of many of my clients, and I keep personally using it on a daily basis.
My sessions are much like journeys that we are allowing to unfold. The least expectations we hold the better it goes. There are several ways how/where to start, but more than likely it comes down to asking your own body to show us the way, this is part of the process – learning how to trust your own guidance system. I am fully trusting your guidance system, so it already makes one of us, which is a great start. Your body is continuously communicating to you and I pick up on this communication as well, plus the depths of experience that I have with this work will ensure that we will always find the trail to follow.
The sessions are typically 2-hours.
If you need more information I invite you to come to a free discovery session and meet me in person or connect with me on Skype. I will be able to answer all your questions. These short sessions tend to be very potent and full of valuable insight.
My office is located right in the heart of Burlington, Vermont
at 19 Church street, suite 8.
If that is too far from you, I do Skype sessions that are just as powerful.
Contact me for more information and to inquire about packages.
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