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Cynthia Warwick-Mind, Body, Soul Support: Intuitive Consultant & Spiritual Wellness Counselor: Certified in Ayurveda, Wellness, Lifestyle. Soul Purpose Trainer & Coach, Energy Medicine Healing & Course Instructor

cyndi-photo-glowgreen1Cynthia is a personable person who loves to work but also enjoys her home life.

She enjoys taking bike rides with her husband, walks with her dogs either hiking or by the lake, , enjoys gardening, hiking, drumming, sewing, drawing and anything artistic really. She loves being a new mom, and playing with her little one.

Cynthia also enjoys classes- both furthering her education committing to herself to learn as a student as well entertain students as a teacher.


Resume: A Student of Life

Keryla Ayurveda Academy:

Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Certification, NAMA:  Preparation for certification in the Vedic Sciences for counselor in health, well being of mind, body, soul.  Certification for nutritional counseling, holistic and herbal and lifestyle consultation. Continued Education and Classes: Wellness Alumni

Jyotish Vedic Cosmology Certification: Vedic Astrology and Natal Chart Readings. The ability to map a life chart, understand original birth chart utilizing the Jyotish perspective.

Meditation & Wellness Center of Hawaii: aka CCH- Clairvoyant Training Center of Hawaii

Spiritual Leadership: 5 Years Spiritual Leadership & Teacher Training: Professional Practices, Non-Denominational Minister & Spiritual Wellness Counselor,  Spatial Relationships Defining & Holding Space, Understanding Spiritual Anatomy, Chakras, Meridians, Aura & how they correlate with mind, body, emotions & causal systems. Counseling: Reading, Listening & Mindfulness. Energy Work, Light Body Practices,  Energy Medicine Trainer, Spiritual Healing Techniques & Spiritual Leadership.

2 years Continued Education and Classes: As a graduate.

St Johns University:  Degree in the Liberal Arts & Sciences


Miscellaneous education in the Arts: Certificates in  Interior Design, Furniture Design & Graphic Arts.

Miscellaneous education in Metaphysics/Other: Quantum Field Studies- Understanding Quantum Mechanics, Sacred Geometry, How to work with Crystals, Crystal Healing Therapy, Reiki, Breathwork, Yoga




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