Ayurveda Wellness Counselor

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Mind-Body-Soul Support with Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Cynthia Warwick

Initial Consultation is 90 Minutes, thereafter 20/30 minutes for Check-ins:

A Case Plan & Summary:

Initial Consultation (90 Minutes) and 2 (2o Minute) Follow up appointments: $240

Jyotish Vedic Cosmology Natal Prakriti Summary: Included with Case Plan Summary for $30

(Full Life Charts are Additional)

(All Intuitive Sessions, Energy Medicine Sessions and Herbal Classes are Additional)

Ayurveda Sessions Could Include A Customizable Wellness Plans Specifically for You:

Authentic Self, Mind, Body Constitutional Energy Support,  An Intuitive Consultation,  Case Study-Full Evaluation for Mind Body Soul & Individuated Constitution  Restoration, Renewal & Balance Plan. Holistic Plan with Remedies for Natural Energy Healing,  Individual Prakriti Nutritional Wellness Diet & or Herbal Consultation with A Vedic Food Combining Science Plan & or a Detox and Renewal Plan.  Soul Purpose & or Learning Ayurveda One to One Counseling.  Spiritual Awareness Reading & Energy Medicine Plan for Pathway Alignment

Call Cynthia to schedule a consultation-appointment at  802-671-4569