Intuitive Wellness Counseling, Coach & Guidance

Cynthia is a gifted holistic practitioner who understands both the nature of dis-ease and the geometry of well being.

When creating a healing pathway the spiritual aspect will always shows us the way to shift and heal but part of the process it to understand the both the geometry of the impediment, the life lesson, and what is the most nourishing pathway for the soul to cure and address the total self.  When we understand both cause and effect we then can begin to design and master our own holistic wellness plan. When one is able to heal the link between mind, body, and spirit to heal the body the path towards wellness is being served, a lot of times this is a one of a kind journey. Cynthia believes when one is able to heal and nourish their soul then the soul opens the doorway for the body’s healing.

Medical Intuition and Intuitive Wellness Counseling, is not the cure but may be an beneficial part of the overall process. By helping one put all the puzzle pieces together for a well implemented plan it is vital to understand the whole person and the unique path that serves the spark within the soul. Cynthia’s work is highly regarded and may be a valuable resource to the developmental process of one’s sustainable wellness plan.

Call Cynthia to inquire about an one to one intuitive wellness session or ask about medical intuition in a private reading.  Intuitive wellness counseling is typically a group of (3)-1 hour sessions, each session is discounted for the entire counseling package.


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