Healthy Healer an Energy Medicine Course

Each person has two essential dynamics within their own natural spiritual capability…

The first dynamic is creator(creatrix) the second dynamic is healer.

This is an amazing Higher Self Class! Each of us is on a unique healing journey, Take the opportunity to expand upon own natural intuitive healer ability consciously in empowerment and tap into your own unique vibration of well being that is your very own. Learn how to use you intuition, get your own answers and enjoy your unique unity vibration in concert with your Higher Self and the All that Is.

Gifting yourself conscious empowerment in self healing is one of the greatest gifts you can give your self and our Earth. Healthy Healer is a 6 month class of learning how to direct your healer dynamic to help you thrive by intentionally using the tools that connect you to your source of well being. You do not have to be in a healing profession, however if this is your line of work “Healthy Healer” can assist you to enhance your work greatly.
In “Healthy Healer” you work with the principals of well being on a spirit to body level and learn how to utilize tools to re-write the scripts of your service with mindful awareness and to structure compassion in a way that is renewing for your body, in service to love, play, and self honor.

In this 6 month class you work and learn techniques to align your inner healer with clairvoyant tools of well being.

Establish and set your own sacred space for your spiritual journey

Creating your sacred healing garden is an essential part of enjoying your healing gifts, as healing is a gift to yourself on your spiritual pathway. Here we create a healing mosaic that is filled with your sacred treasures and begin a journal of what nourishes your unique individuated truth. Here we look at what you are working on, how to embrace it and turn it into gifts by feeding it that which nourish and supports the unique you.

Learn how to preserve your own healing energy while assisting others to take a step or problem solve

Learn the dynamics of preserving your own healing energy and interpretative solution when addressing another person who has an energetic problem or imbalance.  Here you learn how to balance your service and rewrite the scripts of your healer while healing yourself in balance to giving support and assistance. Here we look at when support fosters co-dependence, and when it does not, how to take steps back to see others as spirit, in compassion for their journey and unique truth for growth.

When you are aligned with the source of your being everything becomes a healing in ease and grace

Learn how to connect to the universal well spring and set a space for healing in the higher vibration of well being. Learn what takes you out of this flow and how to step into it on command in ease and grace.  Here we look at what happens when we fixate on a problem and fall into density, noise, stuck-ness and what takes us out of this kind of growth period. Here we look at alignment techniques that make healing a joy and a treat and how to shift ourselves easily to healer in well being, even in the midst of a physical, mental or emotional problem.

When is a healing too much, when is a healing just right? How to maintain a flow of constant renewal from a balanced center.

Most of us “want it now” or “want it out now” and do not cherish the steps on our journey and the dynamic process as part of the whole of our growth. Learning how to stay out of judgment and step into the higher mind is a mindful practice of understanding the dynamics of soul capability and trusting that a storyline is here for a reason. Here you learn techniques to be neutral and how to step out of judgment into a renewal practice that allows healing to flow through consistently.
You can be on the mark 24/7 with these trade secrets, streamlining healing techniques is simpler than you think

Create a space for your own spirit to lead in your life, while embracing the whole person

Learning to allow spirit to command your ship is an essential part of healer as healer is your spirit in command of your ship. Here we look at the different bodies, sub-personalities, and create union in a celebratory relationship of embracing the whole self. Here we look at how to create a space for each bodies integral needs, how to work with them so they support one another and how to be in loving friendship to the complex you. Your growth is a wonderful gift for yourself and your personal journey, here we look at how to create space for your own spiritual practice, tips to keep your spirit, intellect, inner child, creator/creatrix in balance with your healer

Empathy vs Compassion, getting in flow

Empathy very often can create limits in ones healing capability when a sympathetic energetic mixture is maintained and can create “stuckness” or limits for both parties from taking valuable steps in their journey. For one to reach true healing one must learn how to tap into right use of the emotional body and maintain flow in the higher mind. Learn how to recognize when you are in sympathy, how to easily move out your own match, create a safe boundary for you and another person, and reset balance to compassion and unconditional love so that healing can flow into a higher state of miracle.

Learn to connect to your Higher Self and create a soul mosaic to of vibrational harmony

Ones soul mosaic holds and mirrors ones unique and individuated truth created by the universal laws of “The All That IS” and the higher self. Learning how to tap into your soul mosaic in partnership with your higher self is an intuitive well being practice that alots for comfort, trust, support, knowingness, attunement, divine correction, validation, self love, self honor, compassion and more.

Establish right relationship with the Divine Mind

Learn how to receive support, information, guidance, in synchronicity with source for healing, projects, and more. Being in flow with the divine mind is rekindling a relationship to an old friend. It is the knowing you are supported, treasured, and have a playmate that wants nothing of you but everything for you. It is stepping back into right relationship with your first relationship and accepting unconditional love. It is expansion and a validating experience that opens the minds eye and expands the heart in beingness. Here we play, play, play in sources special playground.

Enhancing your internal healer and creating an effective self practice is for anyone who wants to learn to empower themselves consciously to utilize their spiritual healing capability gracefully. Turning a practice into a miracle involves flow and is really simple to master. The gifts your spirit offers you for your life experience is valuable, you can turn your spiritual journey into mastery with no prior experience because YOU ARE.

Classes are available once per year and run for six months, no pre-class is required however it would enhance your learning to take the pre-classes for the Spiritual Living for Soul Purpose curriculum. If you are interested in taking Healthy Healer you must pre-register for the waiting list for the next available class. You may use any contact form on this website to pre-register.

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