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Email Readings

  1. Email readings are a great way to have a quick question answered easily!

    if you do not have access to phone or skype, or are in a different time zone email readings are a very convenient choice. You can order a question or have an aspect of live covered easily by using this service. An email reading is a quick way to check in with your higher self, pathway and create clarity to any situation. Depending on our schedule paid email readings are typically answered the same day but may take up to a few days to be returned

    1. What is the difference between an email question (NOW $10.00 USD) and an email reading($25.00 USD)?

      An email question (now $10.00 USD) is one question and one answer and typically is a one paragraph answer. An email reading (now $25.00 USD) covers an aspect of life a genre or situation and is typically 3-4 paragraphs and include a next step. (Example: The genre of Career, Love, Life Shifts would be an email reading, and Where did I leave my keys? would be an email question. NOTE: For genre you still get to ask a question)

  2. Payment drop down menu:

    Payments are made via PayPal secure server, you do not need a PayPal account. You can make a payment then come back to the questionnaire form on this page to submit your entry.

    Email Readings
  3. What if my reading/question is about or includes someone else:

    If Your Question includes another person include their full name, birthday (if you have it) and place of origin so that we can tune into them as well as you. You can include this information in the comment box, you may also use the comment box to direct us as to what you would like to know about the person or relationship.

  4. How to phrase a question, about this service:

    Clarity is important. A clear question generates a clear concise answer. Tell us what you really want to know, a good detailed question is key to getting a good detailed answer, please refrain from yes or no questions when possible or ask us to elaborate. You may include as little or as much information as you would like or as you feel is pertinent to your question however when we look at your question we do so in connection to your spirit and write what spirit shows us, sometimes an answer is not necessarily what you want but is what spirit feels you need, we work with non judgement and to the best of our ability try to relay the message however it resonates to the conscious and non-conscious realm of an experience. Our readings are light and upbeat with the intention of answering you clearly and honestly. As with all of RI's services you may take any or all information given with a grain of salt and process it in accordance with your own truth as it is our belief that ultimately you are your own greatest answer and are the only person who is in charge of your pathway...we say this with a great Namaste!

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