Cynthia’s Resume

downloadWith gratitude and sincerity

I thank you for taking the time to enjoy my work, my bio and learn of my studies.

Namaste,  Cynthia


Keryla Ayurveda Wellness Academy:
Ayurveda wellness Counselor Certification:
Certification in the Vedic Science specializing in prevention, healing, and lifestyle choice guidance for longevity, self-renewal and authentic self support of mind-body-constitution.

Jyotish Vedic Cosmology, Certification:
Vedic Austronomy-Astrology: Natal Chart Reader

Meditation & Wellness Center of Hawaii also known as
Clairvoyant Training Center of Hawaii:

Spiritual Wellness Counselor, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Teacher, Minister
5+ years Spiritual Leadership and Teacher training: Professional Practices, Spiritual Anatomy & Energy Healing, Intuitive Counsel, Mindfulness, Meditation Instruction, Chakra & Aura Healing.

Miscellaneous Metaphysical Education:
Reiki, Theta Healing, Crystal Healing Therapy, Srotas & Kundalini(Energy Channels & Essential Life Force Energy), Healing Breathwork, Light Body, Soul Purpose, Shamanic Journey, Quantum Mechanics, Sacred Geometry, Herbalism, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Holistic Energy.

Art & Design:
Certificate of Design from New York School of Interior Design

Liberal Arts & Sciences

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