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When one heals their spirit, then their spirit is liberated to in turn heal body, mind, life. Spirit Healing liberates your own natural healing ability, this is holistic healing as it assists you in embracing the total self. At RI we practice addressing the spirit of a person, a very essential component of who you are.

  1. What is a Spiritual Healing?

    Rainbow Institute defines Spiritual Healing as working with the Spirit of a person, the metaphysical self. We believe that if one attends to their Spirit than their Spirit in turn can heal their body and their life as their own natural capability is liberated. We do not replace or recommend treatment, we work in compliment to other healing modalities that the client needs as part of their total wellness plan for the total selrf. Spiritual healing services help one to liberate their own innate natural healer so that they in turn may attend to their life dynamics mindfully. Rainbow Institute's Spiritual Healing sessions are conducted with Spirit Guides. In spirit healing Cynthia Works with specific healing masters: Ascended Master Quan Yin, Maitreya, and Jesus. One or all can show up in a session. They work with your energy while Cynthia gifts communication to you from them about the healing.

  2. What transpires in a healing session?

    Cynthia tunes into your Spiritual Anatomy and gives you communication to enhance your bodies own natural healing ability. Cynthia does not "heal you" as we know, affirm, and believe that the one and only true healer comes from within you. When you are ready to step out of an issue, a story, a discord, then it can be released, the degree to how much is truly up to you, the more grounded and ready you are the more you can maximize the session for you. Our reading communication is conducted on a spirit to spirit level which in itself is very trans-formative to the client, but spiritual healing services are specifically conducted by Ascended Master Quan Yin, Jesus, or Maitreya. All healings can be conducted in person or over the phone.

  3. Can Spiritual Healing heal me of a physical imbalance?

    Spiritual Healing works with you as spirit to assist you to open natural healing ability for you to heal yourself, the degree of that which you can heal is between you and God. On ones spiritual path there are gifts and treasures within the imbalances one experiences, as everything is here for a reason, a purpose and plays a role that is to show you something very important for your personal growth, development and expansion. We work with this and give valuable spirit to spirit communication that clearly assists.

  4. Can I receive a healing in a Psychic Reading instead of a Spiritual Healing Session?

    At times an Angel or Master will step into a reading and this is considered a gift to both Cynthia and the Client, but readings while very transformational are not healings and are completely separate. All healings require preparation work and although someone may want a healing it is the client who has to be ready to take their step in havingness or a spiritual healing has no basis or volatility. In readings Cynthia conducts the session, in Healings the Ascended Master conducts the session. Cynthia predominately works with the Ascended Masters in all of her work but at times will work with Angels.

  5. Are results guaranteed?

    No, results are completely subjective. One may receive exactly what they need but it is not what they think they want as we do not judge or take on karma for another. When spiritual karma is complete or one has achieved enough of an expansive pathway a spiritual healing session is a very rewarding experience. Again you on your journey are your own greatest healer and answer, this is the foundation of any healthy spiritual healing practice.

  6. What is a healing session with Cynthia like?

    Cynthia is a Natural Energy Teacher who heals her Spirit. Cynthia understands the geometry of well being from a metaphysical perspective and holds great understanding of the human energy field, your spiritual anatomy—the aura, chakra systems, emotional and mental body, causal body, vibrational energy centers, luminous energy field et al. With her clairvoyance, in a very light and graceful way she is able to tune into these aspects of your spiritual anatomy and give communication which helps you to reclaim and refortify your being. She works tandemly with Ascended Healing Masters who will work with you on your energy field while she acts as the communication liaison. Most spiritual healing services are conducted with Quan Yin, Maitreya, or Jesus however she from time to time works with random Ascended Masters and Arch Angels, Mary, Michael, Gabriel, St Germain and her adored Ganesh. Cynthia has been chosen by Quan Yin and Maitreya who are evolutionary leaders in restructuring the way we live on the planet and her work with Jesus through the ACIM philosophies is outstanding, his presence is known around her.

  7. Who is Ascended Master Quan Yin?

    Quan Yin is one of the most universally beloved of deities in the Buddhist tradition. Also known as Kuan Yin, Quan'Am (Vietnam), Kannon (Japan), and Kanin (Bali), She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness, peace and mercy. Mostly know as the Bodhisattva of Compassion, she is A Karmic Counsel Elder, A leader of the Brotherhood of Light, and a Goddess Healer . Quan Yin enjoys a strong resonance with the Christian Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Tibetan goddess Tara, in vibrational similarity, but has her own unique expression of persona, gifts, and mindfulness. Quan Yin is one of the evolutionary spiritual masters of our present time, she is a gifted healer that stands within the soul plane of the Christ Conscious Grid.

  8. Who is Arch Angel Maitreya?

    The name Maitreya or Metteyya is derived from the word maitri (Sanskrit) or metta meaning "loving-kindness", which is in turn derived from the noun mitra in the sense of "friend". Maitreya is one of the leaders of the Brotherhood of Light, The Karmic Counsel of Elders, The Angelic Realm, and is one of the instrumental leaders in bringing Our Earth Plane from that of Duality into that of Oneness. He is a transformational master and developer within the Christ Consciousness Grid of the All that Is and works in alignment with Source Energy. His work is just beginning on the planet to take humanity to a lighter way of being in our bodies enjoying our true, authentic, and divine selves. He is simple, smart, peaceful and kind in his approach to healing, and a wonderful gift to experience.

  9. Who is Ascended Master Jesus?

    Jesus in our unique relationship/understanding is one of the main representatives of the Christ Consciousness, the plane of existence where our souls come from. He is keeper of the healing waters, and of the christ force which are two of the three aspects of our prana, the universal life force. He in conjunction with All that Is, in teamwork with great beings of light from unified understandings above the limitations of our human consciousness mindfully leads humanity's growth and Earths Evolution. Jesus is a miraculous healer to witness here for anyone who calls upon him, with great pleasure we are honored to include his profound presence through our work.

  10. Experiencing Free Healings in Meditation, Energy Transmissions, and Clinics

    If you are in the Burlington area and can come to our Meditation Journeys with the Ascended Beings of Light on Sundays at 11 we would love to have you play with us. We are located at 19 Church Street, Studio 8 in Burlington VT and hold this space open to the public via donation. You may call 802-540-0247 or just stop by!

In addition to our spiritual healing offering which works with you and your spiritual anatomy, you may elect to have any of the specialty healing's delineated below or make a request of your own. All spiritual healing sessions are $120. We do suggest a follow up visit of approx 1/2hour in 3 weeks from your session of which we offer a specialty package of $150 total:

Christ Force Healing:

The Christ Force is a universal dynamic of divine love and life force energy that exists beyond human theologies, etc. as the dynamic all souls were born from. Christ force healing s are for everyone. In this session we utilize the vibration of Christed life force energy. The alignment to this universal dynamic will run through your body to lift energy blocks within your aura, chacras, meridians, and spiritual anatomy. Christ force healings are uplifting, help to release energy and a therapeutic method of purification intended to enhance your own natural healing ability. Christ force healing techniques are for anyone who wishes an "up lifting" release of energy.

Essential Energy Healing:

Like 1000 life giving rays or 20 massages in one session! This is a healing to your essence, essential energy and soul mosaic. Here we work with your own completely unique vibration, colors, dynamics and capability to help you bring this into the forefront of your experience to foster renewal, liberation, and enhancement. In a session we are able to assist the client rekindle their connection to their very own essential energy and enhance their own unique skill of handling what it is they are working on. This is a very uplifting experience for both the client and the practitioner!

Spiritual Healing:

At times we find that a part of our being is stuck somewhere in the past, in a problem, an energetic or even a past life and we become fragmented. Fragments cause pain and because of these fragments we experience the same reality over and over again and are not able to break free of the loop. In a retrieval session we are able to work specific techniques that free up a fragment, this helps to enable a reality shift by bringing you into present time renewal. In Destiny Retrieval we are able to look at the clients highest potential future, highest potential out come and help them to move the energetic frequencies that are in the way of this pathway coming into fruition. In destiny retrieval we work on assisting the client step into their own capability to hold space for their highest pathway.

Luminous Body Healing:

In a luminous body healing we are able to tune into the level or frequency of the luminous energy field and clients esoteric geometry. In Luminous healing s we work with Angelic Masters to assist one to release imprints and refortify the luminous fibers and energy field of the client. This helps you to renew and refortify your dream body and creates a "radiant feel good space".

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