A Center for Well being, Spiritual Advancement & Conscious Living

Your living space is your sanctuary. It is your safe haven, and the most prominent place to connect with your soul, make it your sanctuary from the world.

Having a home that reflects your own healing well being color, vibration and frequency is about creating a sanctuary unique and special to you. Cynthia is able to pinpoint your healing vibrations and in combining her skills as a clairvoyant and an artist she can tune into your unique spiritual dynamic to create a pallet that reflects and harmonizes with your unique vibration of well being..thus creating a sanctuary that reflects and allows your souls presence to surround you.

Interior Services

Simple, easy color frequencies to match your unique nature, vibration, and movement. Intuitive design that tunes in to compliment your souls unique nature provides you with an interior that is holistic, natural to you and very healing.

Are you playful, sophisticated, simple, whimsical, capturing, inviting, joyful, cozy, color can represent your true essence... celebrate your soul in a room that feeds and nourishes you. Cynthia is able to pick out characteristics of your soul mosaic and help you to actualize them in design so you are filled with anchors of your highest healing essence 24/7!

Healing Design

Healing design rises above and beyond Feng Shui. A home reflective of your soul, your unique mosaic and geometry, is inviting comfort, connection, healing and raises your natural vibration on a personal level. Cynthia can work with your Architect or Designer or simply help you select a healing schematic that you can employ on your own. She has 10 years interior design experience that she now incorporates with her present time calling on a project to project basis.

  • Interior Decorating
  • Professional Shopping
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Paint and Color
  • Living and Office Spaces
  • Mill-work/woodwork Design
  • Art Selection
  • Consultation only for work in the Greater Burlington Area. Cynthia welcomes working with your designer, contractor, and architect as a professional intuitive or as a design consultant on smaller creative projects. Call Cynthia at 802-540-0247 to open dialog

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