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Soul Purpose & Life Coach

All things are possible....if you believe:

At the end of every rainbow there is attainment

First...We must see the rainbow within the mist

Second...We must have the courage to walk along its translucent path

Last....We must raise our vibration in order to have the good the rainbows end bestows

Life is the canvas of your soul, it is your purpose waiting to be discovered, envisioned, expressed.  RI's counsel or coaching sessions are great for anyone who is on an ascension path, has a dream or vision, wants to heal an issue of importance, and wants to bring a higher vibration/vision into fruition by being aligned with their higher self and I AM Presence. Having a coach who can see your highest pathway, and  your spirit is an amazing gift to give yourself to align your steps for ease, validation, success, and so much more. Cynthia's spirit to spirit sessions are amazing and trans-formative, as they are structured to bring your own inner light and capability to the forefront of your experience to enhance what you are working on creating. Our program can be customized around your needs...and is only a discussion away!

Soul Purpose Coaching requires a 6 month commitment and is the cornerstone of RI's work. Sessions are tailored around your unique needs while you are able to enjoy a discount on our hourly rate for the six month period. Cynthia's program is both unique and very simple, she makes spiritual transformation an easy and enjoyable process. In our sessions you can enjoy a combination of reading, spiritual healing, and teaching. It is a great way to heal with light as your own higher self is part of your commitment and experience of our work together. Allot of times in our sessions we find our clients open up their own intuition and enjoy liberating their creative essence, the sky is the limit when you intentionally expand and connect to your own higher presence to experience the inner I Am Self! RI makes it a simple program with profound results!

Working closely with Cynthia over the past five years has resulted in a tremendous level of clarity and self-realization in my life. She is adept at utilizing a wide range of psychic tools in each of her sessions, and accompanies them with a calm and nurturing approach. The result is a highly accurate and valuable reading. I always feel empowered after an energy check or session with her, and I am usually astonished by how quickly she is able to identify areas in my life that could use more attention. She possesses a warm and open personality, which makes energy work with her enjoyable and uplifting. She is sensitive to cultural differences and provides insights non-judgmentally, characteristics that are a reflection of her sincerity to empowering others through constructive psychic energy work. - Robin, CA

Thank you so much Cynthia for holding the space for me to let go and come more into my glory, myself. It is slowly sinking in, that I am not alone, that the Supreme Being is there for me every step of the way. It is a very foreign concept from how I have been doing it and living. So many blessings and appreciation being sent your way! - Diane, CO

Spirit Coaching:

  • If you have questions about our coaching program or what it is like to have a spiritual counseling session with Cynthia or Rainbow Institute ask us about it...At RI we are open to communication and welcome your questions. If you have a goal, dream, vision, are on an ascension pathway, a period of growth, looking work out a problem, heal, shift, achieve and want to do so in alignment with your authentic self...then our program is probably for you, give us a call at 802-540-0247, or email RI at info@rainbowinstitute.com

Spiritual Counseling, Relationship Counseling:

  • Individuals can expand from our non-denominational spirit to spirit counseling sessions. Couples, Families and Groups can enjoy communication in a group reading environment. In our sessions RI establishes a space for soul based communication to bring truth and understanding to each partners role, what each spirit is working on, and how this contributes to the relationship. Our sessions establish a communication platform for working through issues where each person can co-exist and move towards their own degree of spatial harmony.

How Can I Get Started:

Here are ways you can take initiative

  • Spiritual Counseling can be conducted long distance over the phone or in person in the Burlington Vermont Wellness Center located at 19 Church Street, Studio 8, Burlington VT, 05401
  • Cynthia prefers to work with larger groups (more than 2) in person
  • Call Cynthia at 802-540-0247 or email her at info@rainbowinstitute.com to inquire about Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, Spirit Coaching or any of the services we offer
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