Teens of the New Earth

One of the most rewarding spiritual counseling sessions I personally have is with teenagers and their parents. Using my clairvoyance and counseling training I look to bridge the gap in assisting each to  understand one another.

Teens have a special role to play in the new earth in a new way. They are spiritually programmed different than any generation before them. Their mind works differently, they handle and solve problems uniquely.  They have an extra internal vibration to multitask multi-dimensionally. At times earlier generations see this as a problem because it looks like an overwhelming level of energy that is unmanageable. Allot of times it is labeled ADD, an imbalance, and we try to correct this with medicine. What is needed is a platform to understand the task and role this “New Age Teen” has in the New Earth,  what they are to perform with this beautiful energy, how to balance it naturally.

One of the classes I would love to create in the future is  “The Balanced Warrior for Teens” in the balanced warrior I teach how to synergize  the inner female/yin energy to the inner male/yang energy.  Validating this extra high energy that is spiritually created in order to multi-task and supporting a teens need to focus on each task simultaneously with coherence is allowing them their natural state, validating their gift and helping them to use it. In this way I am somewhat against ritalin which does not gift the child the ability to learn how to manage, utilize, and create with their special gift.

We have to remember that any time we say to a teen “your energy is not right and we need to fix it”, we are invalidating the spirit and spiritual capability of the child. Most teens simply need to learn how to ground, be in their body, and set up multi-dimensional platforms. Attending to a teens mind, body, spirit is a holistic approach of balance. Most of the new information that they are being equipped to tap into spiritually is coming into their chakra system jumbled, and all at once.  Our schools do not yet have the information to teach one how to handle a spiritual mechanic on a body level. One great assistor is looking at diet. Sugar and ingesting sugar in sodas, foods, pastas, heighten the buzz to their extra sensory perception, most teens are used to this kind of diet. Foods that ground and gift a gold vibration rather than a white vibration are very healing to all children. There are a multitude of ways to ground, center and balance, at RI I teach and talk about grounding techniques often.

We need to remember that our children are the adults of the Aquarian Age. In the Aquarian Age everything is run differently and multi-dimensionally. Helping our teens to understand this and to utilize their “special and unique dynamics” in syncronicity with evolution is a gift to the New Earth and where Humanity is headed.

Our teens will have to solve the problems we as adults have yet to find solutions for and we are sedating the dynamic that will help them do it instead of trying to understand it. Most teens are psychic and will be using this aptitude to heal and fix nations, industries, create green living, and shift  humanity entirely.

In my spiritual counseling I work to help a teen and parent communicate and understand the differences in their energetic geometry. It gifts the spirit of each to have a forum and allows each person to relinquish the frustration and bring forth a common ground that is profound.

If you would like to have a spiritual counseling session with your teen or family member contact me at Rainbow Institute, it is a joyful way for both to connect to understanding the children of the New Earth.

In Joy,

Rev. Cynthia Warwick Seiler

Spiritual Counselor