The New Earth & The Fifth Dimension

The earth is shifting and changing  more so now than another time in history on a tangible physical level, we are in the midst evolution and of the earth shift polarities. There is something happening on a metaphysical level that is creating this shift and we have the pleasure of experiencing it, and allowing it to change our lives.  On a metaphysical level what is transpiring is that humanity is being shifted out of a 3rd dimensional reality, the reality of letting our 3rd chacka drive us into creating our regimen, our experiences, and the way we do and choose things into another mechanic or paradigm. Many old ways are breaking down as this karma is cleansing and we are finding that many things do not work for us anymore as we personally shift and change to be in alignment with the new earth vibration.

What is desirable about the new earth vibration and polarity shifts is that we are shifting into the “Age of Aquarius”, It is a global rebalancing. On a personal level it is assisting us to re balancing our yin and yang, moving into a 4th chakra affinity space, and an opportunity for more soul alignment as our driving force in our day to day experience.  With soul alignment comes effortlessness in creating and having more in life and simultaneously being aligned with your individuated soul truth. Our relationships become affinity oriented. Our planetary vibration is shifting so that we as humans can grow into this much quicker as a race and as individuals. However the transitory stages of the shift may not feel quite so good, and is stirring up strange symptoms for alot of you.

As this shift happens and it is happening now  it is increasingly uncomfortable for many sensitive people as they work to get a handle and master their own shifts. It could feel like sickness in the body, your world, love, work, relationships falling apart, excessive fear, and a myriad of symptomology that is too vast to list here. It is important to know that while you are in a shift or growth phase you can choose and direct how it serves you. You can remind yourself you are in the midst of a change and that this change is going to bring you to new experiences that are rewarding and aligned with your truth, then look for ways to be open to the possibilities of what it is that you elect and choose.

An amazing tool to handle changes and growth is a psychic reading. A reading can help you let go of the old and step into the new alot quicker and can help to let some “shift” symptoms go.  If you are in the midst of change it can be an invalable tool to assist your growth. Consider getting a reading and using it as a tool to help you clear out the old!

Cynthia Warwick